Nautilus Hyosung 5000 CE ATM

Access Cash ATM - Hyosung 5000
Nautilus Hyosung 5000 CE ATM - The High-End Workhorse

The Nautilus Hyosung 5000 CE offers unparalleled value with it's enhanced SSL performance and ability to surpass the needs of all high traffic locations.

Nautilus Hyosung 5000 CE has TCP/IP incorporated into its hardware with Secure Socket Layers (SSL) for added telecommunications security while linked to the Internet. This connection feature provides a direct connection without additional boxes, adaptors or converters, which in-turn makes the Nautilus Hyosung 5000 CE more affordable product that saves both time and money.

The vast array of dispenser options make the Nautilus Hyosung 5000 CE an ideal solution for high traffic locations with various dispenser needs. It can hold any where from the standard 1,000-note cassette or up to three optional 2,000 note cassettes for a maximum of 6,000 notes. Even with its small footprint the Nautilus Hyosung 5000 CE still meets all ADA standards.

Some other key feature of the Nautilus Hyosung 5000 CE are the large 10.4" color screen, thermal graphic printer, and Microsoft Windows operating system.

The best part? We support the purchase of the Nautilus Hyosung 5000 CE ATM with our unparalleled Access Cash Total Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Features of the Nautilus Hyosung 5000 CE ATM:
  • Transaction Screen - Standard 10.4" color screen guides the user through each transaction. Customizable display screens can tailor this ATM to your individual business needs.
  • Card Reader - Dip style card reader comes standard with EMV (Europay-Mastercard-Visa) smart card reader. Eliminates the risk of customers forgetting their cash or credit card in the machine.
  • Receipt Printer - Dispense customizable coupons and receipts, which can prompt increased in-store purchases.
  • Keypad - Visa Encrypting Pin Pad (VEPP) with Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) security ensures the highest level of data security and safety for you and your customers.
  • Cassette Option - Cassette with a capacity of with a capacity of 6,000 notes.
Options, Dimensions & Specs of the Nautilus Hyosung 5000 CE ATM:
  • 1K Note Dispenser - Up to 1000 notes
  • 2K Note Dispenser - Up to 2000 notes
  • 6K Note Dispenser - Up to 3 cassettes w/ 2000 notes per cassette
  • Wired or wireless communication
  • Low or High ATM Topper
  • PCI Metal Keypad
  • Width : 398.78mm (15.7")
  • Height : 1358.89mm (53.5"), without topper
  • Depth : 629.92mm(24.8")
  • Weight : 115 kg (253.5 lbs)
  • Power consumption : 2.0A @ 115 VAC
  • Microsoft Windows CE.NET operating system
  • UL 291 Business Hours Cabinet
Access Cash ATM - ATM Placement Blueprint
If you're looking for the most cost-effective high-end ATM on the market, purchase the Access Cash Nautilus Hyosung 5000 CE.

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