ATM Direct

If you already own your own ATM or are looking to purchase then Access Cash ATM Direct program is the best fit for you.

The Plan Overview:

  • You keep all the surcharge.
  • You own the machine and no minimum transactions required.
  • You load your own cash.

Plan Details >>

Let us help you find the ideal solution for your business

Plan Details:

With this plan you will be the ATM owner and load your own cash. Access Cash is here to support you and help you be successful in running your ATM.

We can provide you with guidance in selecting the right ATM for your business and selecting the ideal position for the ATM with in your location.

Access Cash will be there to fulfill any needs you may have along the way, with expert service, cost effective and reliable communications for the ATM, signage to attract more customers to your business and ATM supplies.

All of which can be purchased as needed, included for a monthly fee or as a percentage of the surcharge, whichever works best for your business.

This Direct Plan is best for moderate to low volume locations whose main concern generating revenue from the ATM.