Transaction Processing

Reliable, Secure Transaction Processing

Efficient transaction processing means greater profitability for your ATM. At Access Cash, our transaction processing systems are managed by TNS, with their own state-of-the-art switch. Delivering integrated solutions for self-service banking and payment processing, the switch is supported by a secure, stable platform that is trusted by customers worldwide.

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Access Cash - Creating Trends In Transaction Processing

Access Cash understands the importance of the uptime of your ATM. We work closely with our switch provider to ensure that your ATM is processing at its maximum capability.

As a leading independent ATM provider, we have direct data feed from the switch allowing us to monitor your ATM performance in real time and detect any irregularities in transaction processing.

With the deployment of an Access Cash ATM, you simply can't lose - durable, high performance ATMs, superior customer service, reliable transaction processing and real time performance monitoring.

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