Convenience Store ATM - Provide Convenience, Reap Rewards

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In today's competitive business market, customer satisfaction is the number one priority of retailers.

The availability of a convenience store ATM goes a long way in increasing customer patronage and satisfaction.

In fact, since customers expect to find an ATM in every convenience store, the absence of one is the loss of an easy source of revenue.

Access Cash ATM - A Wise Investment

From experience, we know that Access Cash ATMs generate income for our convenience store customers in four ways:

Optimum placement of your ATM ensures visibility, accessibility and usage.
Choose an ATM with a couponing option that will encourage return visits.
Advertising guarantees your customers know about upcoming specials.
Place an ATM sign outside your business and attract more visitors to your store.

Most importantly, having an ATM in your convenience store meets the needs of your customers. When you take care of your customers, you set the stage for your business to thrive.

Let us help you find the ideal solution for your business

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Access Cash ATMs provide your customers with more than cash - it can provide them with information.

Talk to one of our experienced Account Managers to find out how on-screen advertising and coupon dispensing can promote your products and add value to your ATM program.

An Access Cash ATM means more than cash in the hands of your customers, it means more money in your hands as well.

For the best solutions and ATM Sales and Service, contact Access Cash now!