ATM Placement

Don’t want the upfront cost of ATM Ownership?

The Plan Overview:

  • You earn a percentage of the surcharge.
  • Surcharge percentage are based on transaction volumes.
  • You load your own cash.

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Let us help you find the ideal solution for your business

Plan Details:

With the Placement Plan, Access Cash maintains ownership of the ATM and you load your own cash.

Access Cash will select the best ATM for your location and work with you to find the best positioning.

Access Cash will in addition to providing the ATM, will provide service, supplies, and communications (at a nominal fee) and signage to promote that an ATM is in your establishment.

The revenue you will receive monthly is based on the number of monthly surchargeable transactions and the percentage of the surcharge you receive.

The Placement Plan is best suited for locations/establishments that wish to receive the benefits of having an ATM (additional revenue, advertising, satisfying customers) without the financial investment of purchasing an ATM.