Triton RL2000 ATM

Access Cash ATM - Triton RL2000
Access Cash Triton RL2000 - The Flexible and Functional Low-Cost Retail ATM

Among all Triton ATMs, the Triton RL2000 is the most flexible ATM to date. It packs tons of features into a compact walk-up design, making it ideal for both high and low-traffic locations.

This PC-based ATM is the right choice for a busy area that can benefit from the widest range of dispensing mechanisms we’ve ever offered. It’s the ideal choice for everyone from small convenience stores and restaurateurs, to major hotel and retail chains. The exceptional performance, visibility, and sleekness of the Triton RL2000 make it cost-competitive and a customer-pleasing asset for many industries.

Packing a lot of power into a compact area, the low maintenance Access Cash Triton RL2000 ATM delivers reliable performance and state-of-the-art security features.

Features of the Triton RL2000 ATM:
  • Advertising & Signage - PC-based high-volume ATM enables a long list of revenue generating value-added services.
  • Transaction Screen - 5.7” VGA Color display guides users through cash transactions. Monitor displays full-colour advertising with customizable graphic packages available. (Optional 8" VGA Color Display).
  • Card Reader - Dip style card reader comes with standard or optional EMV (Europay-Mastercard-Visa) smart card reader and prevents customers from forgetting their card in the machine.
  • Receipt Printer - Customizable coupons and receipts can be dispensed from the Triton RL2000, resulting in increased in-store purchases.
  • Keypad - PCI EPP (Encrypting Pin Pad) with Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) security ensures the highest level of data security for you and your customers.
  • Cassette Option - Various cassette options available for this ATM with capacities of 1000 - 6000 notes.
Options, Dimensions & Specs of the Triton RL2000 ATM:
  • Single or multiple cassette
  • Metal EPP (Encrypting Pin Pad)
  • Wired or wireless communication
  • Dip card reader
  • ATM topper size
  • Width : 405mm (16")
  • Height : 1257mm (49.5"), without topper
  • Depth : 561mm (22.1")
  • Weight : 79 kg (175 lbs)
  • Power consumption : 2.0A @ 115 VAC at 60 Hz
Access Cash ATM - ATM Placement Blueprint
Triton and Access Cash - unrivalled leaders in the ATM industry in Canada.

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